Panel Production
Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art panel production machinery consisting of pneumatic panel lifting apparatus which increases the speed in which panel products are transported through the production process between machines. We operate a Holzma Optimat HPP350 beam saw capable of cutting jumbo sheet sizes up to 12ft in multiple book patterns depending on board thickness accompanied by the latest optimisation software which ensures the most productive use of the sheet material with minimal waste.

We can apply a variety of lipped edgings from 0.4mm PVC and realwood to solid timber door lippings up to 8mm thickness thanks to our Brandt Optimat KDF530 edge bander. The edge bander allows us to form various radiuses on edging tapes and will follow surface contours for example around post-formed laminate worktops and trim and polish to a perfect finish.

We are also equipped with a Thermal Panel Press for the rapid application of timber veneers and laminates including gloss laminates. The press operates at varying temperatures and pressure settings depending on the use of the core board facing veneer/laminate and adhesive. This machine give us the ability to produce finished panels from timber veneers which would not be available as pre-bonded and gives us the opportunity to over veneer solid timber edgings to give the appearance of a solid timber panel.