Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing with sustainability in mind

Over the years we have built a chain of suppliers who share our views on responsible manufacturing. We find that this is a requirement that is becoming increasing common from designers and architects alike and so it is satisfying to us that we already believe and share in the views of a sustainable approach to manufacturing.

To further our environmental focus, we incorporate the latest material optimisation software for use in calculating our materials requirements. This software enables us to make the most efficient use of our materials in order to greatly reduce the waste factor.

Although the waste element from the manufacturing process is greatly reduced, there will inevitably be a small but unavoidable waste factor generated through the trimming of sheet materials to make boards square, and planeing timber to finish sizes. We make full use if these waste elements within the day to day running of our factory. The sheet trimming off-cuts are gathered and shredded into small cubes which are then stockpiled along with the timber shavings and wood dust which are extracted from the workshop mechanically. The shavings and shredded waste are slowly incinerated to provide constant heating for the factory thus further reducing the pull on our gas & oil resources.